MotoGP race tyre scenarios explained

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In the wake of the tyre drama surrounding this afternoons Argentine MotoGP race, Race direction have set out new rules for all eventualities with regards to the weather, tyres and morning warm up.

Michelin withdrew both sets of rear tyres for the MotoGP race, and with overnight rain falling at the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit, race direction have been left to plan for all possible scenarios. 

The statement from race direction reads:

“If the race starts in dry conditions when the warm up has been wet then riders may use either of the rear slick tyres (Medium & Hard of their allocation for Argentina). However, the race will be “flag to flag” for 20 laps with a compulsory stop to change machines at the end of lap 9, 10 or 11.

“If the race starts in the wet and the track dries then Race Direction will decide if it is unsafe for the riders to continue in which case the race will be red flagged. The new “dry” race will then be restarted for ten laps with a 15 minute start procedure. Should the track become wet during this race the riders may change machines as normal.

“If the race starts in wet conditions and remains wet then the race will be for the normal 25 laps.

“Under no conditions will the use of intermediate tyres be permitted.”

The MotoGP morning warm up session will also be increased by an added ten minutes to allow the MotoGP riders half an hour to find a set up for their MotoGP machines.


Photos via Movistar Yamaha

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