Rossi questioned Pedrosa after Aragon

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Valentino Rossi was all smiles in Parc Ferme and the post-race press conference in Aragon, but after the cameras were turned off the Italian went and found Pedrosa to ask about his riding during the race.

The Aragon race in September saw the start of Jorge Lorenzo’s effort to bridge the gap to Rossi at the top of the championship standings, as he rode a perfect race to claim victory at home. It was behind him where all the drama was happening. Dani Pedrosa and Rossi were embroiled in a race long battle for second place. Pedrosa was uncharacteristically aggressive in the race, beating Rossi at his own game.

It marked the return to form for Pedrosa who went on to win two of the three subsequent fly-away races whilst Rossi has seen his lead fall from 20 points before the Aragon race, down to just seven points with one race to go. 

Once the race was over and both riders had partaken in the press conference following the podium celebrations, Spanish newspaper El Pais say that Rossi then went into the pit of Pedrosa to ask him why he had been riding so aggressively. The paper says that Rossi felt a sense of entitlement and was upset at the risks Pedrosa was running as he had nothing to lose.

It goes on to say that Rossi had done the same thing with Marquez in Phillip Island. We all know what Rossi thought of the events by Malaysia, but El Pais say his theory started way early. They write Rossi crashed a party that Honda was having to celebrate Marquez’ win to confront him, asking him why he rode like he did, and questioned why he wanted Lorenzo to win the World Championship. 

This signs of uncharacteristic behaviour from the nine-times World Champion shows the pressure and stress he is under to deliver the illusive tenth World Championship and his first since 2009.


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7 thoughts on “Rossi questioned Pedrosa after Aragon

  • October 30, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    I don’t beleven that any of this happened …. all of this is just another way to try to blacken Valentinos name and make HIM out to be the bad sportsman when he is not… just take a look at the way MM has rode over the yrs and gor away with it! And then all of a sudden DP finds his balls from somewhere?? Seems strange that?! Your blaming the wrong man!!!

    • November 1, 2015 at 9:40 am

      I think DP has always had the balls but until he feels perfect on the bike hes not gonna win but Rossi having a taste of his own medicine was good to see and it was “real” racing. Vale should have been proud of the way he rode and waay more gracious in defeat.

  • October 30, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    I’m a rossi fan through and through but this last season has left me wondering about rossi’s age and ability to ride to 110%, something that used to come naturally to rossi.
    I don’t think the recent aggressive performances we’ve seen from other riders is anything more than what a younger Rossi was capable of, its just that now Valentino doesn’t seem to have that edge anymore.
    A few years ago none of this would of bothered Vale, he’d of just gone faster.
    We have to believe that Vale’s bike is the mechanical equal of Jorge’s yet Jorge manages to squeeze a few more tenths out of it everywhere.
    I don’t think this Valentino expected to be where he is in this years championship and this is where the pressure to perform is coming from.
    I think Rossi’s time at Ducati ultimately lead to a lot of self doubt from which he may never recover given his age and the events of this season.

    I’ve held a belief from the beginning of this season that win or lose this is Rossi’s final season before the great man retires from the sport he’s made so exciting over the last 20 years, I hope to be proved wrong but in light of recent events it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  • October 31, 2015 at 10:20 am

    Rossi is een groot coureur en heeft de motorsport gebracht waar het nu is
    helaas laatste wedstrijden is hij zichzelf niet meer en ziet hij dat de jonge jongens hem kunnen hebben en moet hij daardoor veel risico nemen om er bij te blijven
    hij probeert ze uit de tent te lokken door zijn uitspraken
    Marc en Dani zouden Jorge helpen , slaat nergens op en dat weet hij zelf maar al te goed
    Marc wint Australie,Dani wint Maleisie beiden voor Jorge
    als ze hem zouden helpen waren ze wel 2e geworden en de punten aan Jorge gegeven
    wat VR in Maleisie deed kan echt niet en hij heeft zoiets ook niet nodig gewoon oerstom
    daar vergooit hij zijn 10e WK mee weg , wat hem erg gegund was
    maar dit voorval maar snel vergeten en hopen op een mooie faire race in Valencia
    daar kan hij alles goed maken door er een super goede race neer te zetten en zo alsnog het seizoen goed af te sluiten dan maar 2e in het WK
    zo,n uitstekende coureur moet de eer aan zichzelf houden en inzien dat de nieuwe generatie ook zo ver is nu,hij heeft zijn tijd gehad en zal altijd herrinnert worden als een super groot coureur en ik zie er geen meer komen die hem dit nog na doet 9 Titels

  • November 1, 2015 at 9:36 am

    I’m with LG on this one

    Rossi didn’t expect to be where he is – fighting for the title – after the past 2 years of marquezdom i think he was trying to see exactly where he stood this year and if he could not fight for wins then he would retire as one of the greatest riders ever with everyone behind him – including me

    But, as we saw from the first race, he was instantly a contender and marquez was not the golden one when his bike didn’t work. Watching him fight the 2015 chassis during the first rounds was awesome as it did not want him to open the throttle and how many times did he hold it up with his knee! and then he started crashing. so i thought, wow a championship that wont be a bore fest and Rossi continued to win, as did Lorenzo. I thought this will be awesome if Marquez and Pedrosa join in.

    Motogp is not boring but waiting for the 2nd place guy is no fun to watch when you have been watching since the roberts/sheene days.

    The championship went on, Marquez recovered, Dani was injured then recovered, but Rossi continued to fight and win. 2015 was going to be Rossi’s greatest year – WHETHER HE WON OR NOT. Obviously the Rossi fans are just all about the winning but they have missed the point – its the racing we come to see, and no matter who wins, we want to watch great racing

    When Rossi came out with all his comments in Australia – i was stunned. why bother? why upset yourself like this.? i think there is something in the background that we just don’t know or cant see – it may be pressure from other riders who want his seat (how they could bring more money to the team than rossi i’m not sure) or something is going on beyond the track . After my initial amazement i sat down and thought, wait a minute – this is not Rossi’s first rodeo, there was Gibernau, Biaggi, Lorenzo, Stoner – he does have a history of getting upset by people beating him and he is the master of trying to get in peoples heads with some of the stuff he says in a run up to a race and during qualifying.

    Rossi himself seems to have missed the fact that people everywhere love him whether he finishes 1st or 5th or doesn’t finish – he always has time for the [people and they love him for it.

    i thought when the punishment was handed out that it was fair but in light of the fact that the whole championship needs to see whether Rossi has one last title in him i think the verdict should be suspended and let him qualify and race and see if he can beat Jorge in Spain – wouldn’t that be enough? he has never beaten him in Valencia?

    I think he has irreparably damaged his reputation and should retire while he is on top.
    Just like Stoner did.

    but after whats happened – can he retire? i dont think his ego will allow it
    bring on Valencia and fans of everyone – stop whinging and wait for the race eh?

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