Rossi says he can’t fix Lorenzo and Marquez “boos”


Valentino Rossi responded to criticism, claiming that cannot fix his fans booing his competitors. 

Both Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez were booed in Parc Ferme and on the podium, after the opening round of the 2016 MotoGP season in Qatar two weeks ago. This prompted a celebration from Lorenzo to zip his mouth closed on his bike and once again on the podium.

The fans booing the Spaniards are showing their unhappiness at the way in which they perceived the actions of both Lorenzo and Marquez at the end of the 2015, a season which saw Lorenzo pip Rossi to the World Championship by just five points. 

Many have called on Rossi to ask his supporters to respect the others riders, Rossi however has insisted that he isn’t responsible for the actions of his fans trackside.

“I don’t think that in Qatar there were so many Italian fans,” said the Doctor.

“However, I did not create this situation, and I don’t see how I could fix it.”

The boos riders can deal with, however both Lorenzo and Marquez have received death threats, prompting the duo to both be concerned for their safety whist in South America. 

The World Champion used the opportunity in the press conference to admit that he was still confused by the boos and abuse he receives. Lorenzo insisted that both he and Marquez rode to the best of their ability in the closing months of 2015.

“I don’t think we did anything wrong in the last months [of 2015],” explained the 28-year-old.

“We just concentrated on going very fast. I won the championship and Marc did the best job he could in 2015. We’re just trying to be the best on track and we’re risking our lives in the process.

“I don’t know what we did wrong,” he said.

Whilst Lorenzo is used to being the target of Rossi’s fans abuse since joining MotoGP in 2008, it is still a fairly new phenomenon for Marquez. Despite still adjusting to the fact he will now receive abuse almost weekly, Marquez did admit that he goes to circuit’s now prepared for what’s ahead. 

“Of course I don’t like it in MotoGP [the boos] especially when it’s targeted at me,” said Marquez.

“But I’m not stupid and I know it’s something that will become usual. We must adapt and for me it doesn’t matter the colours of the fans, I think as long as everybody enjoyed the race, that’s what is most important for me.” 

Both Lorenzo and Marquez had received death threats from South American fans ahead of this weekend’s race, causing the duo to feel threatened for their safety. 

Photos via Movistar Yamaha

4 thoughts on “Rossi says he can’t fix Lorenzo and Marquez “boos”

  • April 3, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    Sport is sport suck it up you’re paid enough…. And… Marquez was in the wrong, grow up marc, fess up or you will be remembered as a cheat not a champ

  • April 14, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    I’m not a Rossi fan and I will boo them at every opportunity, marquez and lorenzo must think the viewing public are blind idiots, we all saw with our own eyes what they did and nothing they say will ever change that, what I can’t understand is how lorenzo could feel proud to win a championship in the way that he did, and marquez is a borderline psychopath! at best marquez and lorenzo area pair of spanish race fixing cheats who should be ashamed of themselves and I hope they get more than boos from all fans of fair racing.

  • May 23, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    Rossi needs to grow up! He made a stupid allegation to get inside Marquez head and he screwed up!
    Marquez had just BEATEN Lorenzo in Australia.
    Rossi must face the fact- he just is not as fast as his team mate.
    His childish fans should put the sport first for once.
    Grand Prix was around before Rossi and it will be around after him!


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