Lorenzo: Marquez has done nothing wrong

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Just when everybody was hoping that the drama that marred the end of the 2015 MotoGP season was going to quietly be swept under the rug, World Champion Jorge Lorenzo has come out and said that Marc Marquez “has done nothing wrong”. 

Valentino Rossi accused Marquez of riding to help Lorenzo in Phillip Island during the pre-race press conference in Sepang. He went on to question Marquez’ integrity, before the pair clashed in the race. The implications of the clash meant Rossi had to start the final race of the season from the back of the grid in Valencia, where Rossi felt that Marquez “finished his aim” and “protected” Lorenzo as he went on to win his career fifth World Championship.

Lorenzo got involved with Rossi, when he appealed Rossi’s outstanding case with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. He then did little to downplay Rossi’s theory claiming Marquez was cautious about over taking him in Valencia due to the fact they were both Spanish. The end outcome was that both Lorenzo and Marquez have been on the receiving end of some very intense abuse and criticism from Rossi ‘fans’ in the weeks since the Valencia.

Whilst carrying out one of his many media obligations as World Champion, Lorenzo questioned the logic of many fans, who continue to abuse both Marquez and himself, but not other riders.

“We know that Rossi’s influence with the media and fans is very big, so many people believe in his theory,” the 28-year-old told Mundo Deportivo

“An athlete with a great influence on the press he can try to change the reality and that is what has happened. Marc has done nothing wrong. He tried to make his race in Malaysia and it was Valentino who did something that’s not in the rules. And then in Valencia, several Italian riders said they would try to help Valentino, but they’re not attacked like Marquez and I.”

When asked about his relationship with his team-mate, the Spaniard’s confessed that it isn’t a love affair, was barely groundbreaking news, but he did say that despite the fact they’re both employed by Yamaha, they’re effectively their own teams within the team.

“We don’t work together, we’re on the same team and everyone has their own set of personal work,” he explained.

“Although the bikes are equal, we must try to win, not only against each other, but against all the riders… On my part, there is no problem with any riders, nor do I have any grudges. I try to get along with everyone. I respect all the riders both on and off the track.”

Despite the season finishing, the accusations and ‘hate’ that Marquez and Lorenzo have been receiving hasn’t wained. Lorenzo feels if the sport is going to go back to resembling something ‘normal’, then the Doctor himself must ask his fans to calm down.

“It can only happen if Rossi gives his fans a message to calm down, but I don’t know if he is willing [to do that].”

Rossi is in action at the Monza Rally this weekend in his native Italy, whilst Lorenzo continues to recover from his recent injury sustained during his title celebrations back in his native Mallorca. Marc Marquez has been testing his 2016 Honda RC213V down in Jerez before the winter testing ban at the beginning of December.


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4 thoughts on “Lorenzo: Marquez has done nothing wrong

  • November 27, 2015 at 11:13 am

    The realisation is starting to sink in that many will always view this title as gifted.. it must be eating him up.
    Lorenzo has with acted disrespect and always had a big grudge shaped chip on his shoulder.
    The 2015 season has been stained.. not least by his unnecessary need to insert himself into the argument so blatently against Rossi, when we all know it’s only him who benefitted.

    Lorenzo was never a character fans took to their heart and now, despite a third premier crown, his credibility and popularity are at an all time low.. and still heading south if pussy-assed comments like the above keep getting blurted out in moments of butt hurt self pity.

  • November 27, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    Indeed, it was Rossi who manipulated the whole scene, he couldnt handle the pressure when he realized that his lead was rapidly coming down w/ Lorenzo in his peak form he knew he couldnt afford to finish off the podium and he got frustrated by Marquez because he knew he was the only hurdle and only guy who could actually get in between Lorenzo and Rossi to take more points off him.

    It was only pressure that Rossi couldnt handle hes not good under pressure, he failed to handle the pressure, in 2006, then.

  • November 27, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    And plus review the Grand Finale, you ll see most of the riders actually letting Rossi pass, which in Rossis word is helping other rider, to which none of the riders, Marquez &. Lorenzo, made any accusations.

    Rossi should ve won the title on his own if he had the speed, he put himself in such a situation where winning title was dependent around other riders, a true champion cannot be bothered by someone slowing him down he should be talented enough to out smart him and get away from him, referring to Malaysian GP.

    • November 27, 2015 at 7:47 pm

      Perhaps you can explain how Lorenzo set the 5th fastest lap at Phillip Island, and was clearly slowest of the four front runners, yet was in line for 25pts halfway around the last lap.. before Marquez uncorked the fastest lap of the race to pick his win bonus up?

      Given subsequent races at Sepang and Valencia, and the misplaced blame and inability to look himself in the mirror after Termas & Assen, it’s clear to most clued up fans that Marquez had an agenda before Australia.

      Who got sorted for thinking he was clever and ended up on the deck by the way?
      Fk the title.. some things are more important.

      The people’s champ.. Valentino Rossi.


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