Avintia duo discuss 2013

Spaniard Hector Barbera has hit back at claims that his passport assists him.
Spaniard Hector Barberá has hit back at claims that his passport assists him.

The unlikely due are together again. Much like in 2002 and 2003. Héctor and Toni. Barberá and Elias. MotoGP and Moto2.

The duo will be going into 2013 with different aspirations: one to be the best of the mini CRT series, and the other to win the Moto2 title but with Avintia.

Barberá is moving down from a prototype Desmosedici to a CRT Kawasaki FTR, alongside the returning Hiro Aoyama. Whilst many fans, pundits and riders feel that many of the Spanish riders get the “better” rides due to their nationality, Hector disagrees.

Speaking to Marca, Barberá said “Spies is Texan and next year we’re racing in Texas. He’s five points ahead of me on a Yamaha and I’ve missed more races than him. What’s the point? Our passport doesn’t help, I’m sure of that.” {Spies was infamous for tweeting about nationality assisting the Spanish riders in getting rides, notably Marquez.}

But Barberá wasn’t going to dwell, when asked for his aspirations for 2013 he said, “Being the top CRT rider and having fun, and being with Aleix and Randy who are awesome riders. So we should finish 10th or better because the bike’s performance will balance out with other bikes due to the soft tyres.”

The other man speaking to Marca was Toni Elias. After a miserable 2011 in MotoGP with the LCR team, Elias went back to Moto2 with the Aspar team, before loosing his ride, and finishing the season with the Italtrans team.

Signed up with the Avintia team for 2013 to partner Brit Kyle Smith, Elias sees himself on the same path as he was on in 2010, when he won the Moto2 title.

“Why can’t I win the title? I never doubt myself. With the team responding so well and working on everything I’ve asked for, everything is going very well.

“I haven’t felt that I’m enjoying it this much for a long time, without thinking about the times I spend skidding the bike and playing around.”

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