Casey Stoner Media Darling?!

The press will miss Casey as much as anybody

Before you ask, no. I have not lost my mind nor am I trying to con anybody. Casey Stoner has always been a media darling.

He may not be the most complimentary person in the paddock, but you you want a a one line quote, he’s your man. He has never been afraid to say what he thinks, nor is he worried about upsetting people. This is what the media loves. He will create a story from nothing.

His latest comments that have potential to cause a bit of a stir are regarding what Valentino Rossi said last weekend. Rossi said last weekend that MotoGP had become boring. Well Casey has since had a few words as to why the Doctor may find it boring.

When asked about Rossi’s comments Stoner largely agreed with Rossi about the state of the sport, but he also said “I think (Rossi) started that himself though, he’s the one that started using electronics so much. It’s him that’s helped progress the electronic side of it.”

He continued “Of course it’s boring for him, he’s not up the front challenging for wins and it’s difficult.”

Relations between Stoner and Rossi haven’t always been fantastic. Last season there was the infamous “Your ambition outweighs your talent.” And the war of words didn’t stop between the riders. Jerry Burgess also said that he and Rossi could fix the Ducati in 80 seconds. Before Casey added in MCN “I think he’s eating humble pie at the moment.”

It’s not just Rossi where Casey Stoner hasn’t been too worried about what people think of him or his comments. He upset British fans back in 2008 when criticizing Donington Park. He was subsequently booed and cause more controversy.
Now whilst some fans may not like this, there is no doubting the media love it. The quotes, the controversy, the stories. As well as a fantastic rider the paddock, the fans and the press are loosing a character in his own unique way. Just because he doesn’t do the Rossi celebrations or make everybody laugh like Edwards it doesn’t mean he isn’t a character.

Lets all appreciate his excellence for the next two races and enjoy him whilst he is still here.

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