VR46 Moto3 team?

Could Rossi be helping Fenati even more next season?
Could the Doctor be helping Fenati in more than one way next season?

Romano Fenati has been linked with potentially racing for a new Valentino Rossi Moto3 team, called “Project VR46”.

The Italian will leave the San Carlo Italian Federation squad next season, as the side only support their riders for a maximum of two years, and with a disappointing 2013, Fenati has been left short of some top offers.

But according to German media, Valentino Rossi may be saving the young Italian. They are reporting that Rossi is seeking around €2m worth of sponsorship money in order to run a two rider Kalex-KTM Moto3 team next season, which shouldn’t be a problem for brand Rossi, with Fenati as one of the riders.

The second rider being linked with the “Project VR46” team is Valentino’s half brother Luca Marini, who made his full Grand Prix debut last weekend.

Marini is also seen as a potential sponsorship coup as Vale hunts sponsorship money, with San Carlo a big backer of the Italian.

Despite Rossi stating back in Indianapolis that he had no intention of starting a Moto3 team next season, the German media say that Rossi held talks with IRTA this past meeting in Misano about the possibility of fielding a two rider team next season. They say he also has provisionally ordered two KTM bikes ahead of next season.

If Rossi does indeed make the Moto3 team, it will be more evidence he is planning for life after MotoGP, after already creating the “46 riders academy” last year in a bid to help unearth young Italian talent in a midst of Spanish dominance.


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