Lorenzo and Marquez make peace

The World Championship leader, and the World Champion shook hands in Le Mans.
The World Championship leader, and the World Champion shook hands in Le Mans.

Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez have made peace over their collision at the last Grand Prix in Jerez.

Lorenzo initially snubbed the Repsol Honda rookie after the race in Jerez, but the pair shook hands at 30,000 feet as they sat next to each other on the way home from the Jerez event, and did again yesterday for the whole world to see.

Despite not having a problem with Marquez directly over the incident, the World Champion was still a little unhappy the new points system didn’t get implicated two weeks ago.

“My opinion?” Lorenzo began with a smile.

“Well, I think I still believe that the action from Jerez was too hard. I still believe that today. I am not against Marc; I don’t have anything against him because he is young and when you are young, you try – when you see a space, you try. In Jerez, he saw a space and he tried. But I do think that this year we have got the (new) license points and we are not using them at the moment, so in the future I would like Race Direction to use this new system.

“In my opinion, at least a minimum of points should have been used. So it would be some points, a yellow card or whatever you want, but something should have been used because, in my opinion, in a race it is possible to touch another rider but when you actually hit another rider it is a different thing. In my opinion, you should at least be penalised somehow.

“In football, you just take off your shirt you get a yellow card, in Formula 1 every manoeuvre is under a microscope while here no one does anything.”

Lorenzo also explained about how he was the first of the pair to leave the meeting with race direction slightly early.

“I thought the briefing was over and I left. Someone has to leave first, so I was the first one to leave.”

It was then the rookie, who was sat next to Lorenzo, to describe his sequence of events once again. 

“For me, it’s the same as I said in Jerez,” said the World Championship leader.

““If you do that on the first lap that is one thing, but in the end this is racing, it was the last lap and these are motorbikes.

” On many occasions we have seen things like that and in the end, when you see that, that is when the fans like it a little bit more. There is always a limit, but: last lap, last corner, if I see some space I will try. Okay, I braked a little bit later than the lap before, but these things happen sometimes.”

Despite the hand shake there will certainly be a few firm moves, and no love lost on the track come race day.

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