Rossi: 10 more years of racing and girls

The screen that greeted viewers of Vale and Graziano.
The screen that greeted viewers of Vale and Graziano.

Italian race fans were treated to a Christmas treat when Valentino Rossi, and father Graziano were interviewed by SBK commentator Maura Sanchini.

The side-by-side interview technique is fairly well known in Italy, and Sanchini recently convinced Valentino and Graziano to sit down for one.

The first question asked was; who is the the ‘real’ Rossi? They both nominated each other, before Graziano said, “The truth is that I’m merely the older one.”

A whole host of questions were put to the pair to give their answers on, and the first was the only time the pair seemed to agree.

The next question asked who was the faster of the two?

“I am, absolutely,” answered Valentino.

“Definitely me,” responded Graziano, who then said that he is faster in left hand corners and slow hairpins that involve a lot of trail braking.

“In the regular braking zones, however, Valentino is the absolute master.  It’s not even close,” Graziano added. “I could have done well racing a 500cc in the 1980’s, and maybe I could have gotten some better results than my father.” That was Valentino’s response to the question.

One interesting question put to the pair was, what was their most frustrating memories?

Graziano answered, “when Doctor Claudio Costa said that I was dead.” (Graziano’s Imola crash) However Valentino provided a rare insight when he said “My crash at Valencia.” (referring to his 2006 crash handing Nicky Hayden the title)

The programme ended with Valentino stating his desire for ten more years of racing, and ten more years of women!


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