Mat Mladin on Spies’ retirement

Mladin and Spies won't be exchanging christmas cards by the look of things.
Mladin and Spies won’t be exchanging christmas cards by the look of things.

The motorcycle world was in shock with the retirement of former AMA and WSBK Champion Ben Spies. He received messages from fans and fellow riders supporting him and wishing him well, however one man wasn’t so complementary when asked about the Texan. That man, Mat Mladin.

Fans of AMA racing will be familiar with the intense rivalry which Spies had with Mladin during Spies’ days racing in America, especially when they were team mates in the factory Yoshimura Suzuki team.

Despite this intense rivalry, and the known disliking between the two riders, many were surprised by what Mladin had to say regarding Spies’ retirement.

“F*#king pussy,” replied when asked for a comment on Spies’ retirement.

He wouldn’t say anymore on the subject either, “You got my quote.”

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