Nicky Hayden to LCR Honda?

Lucio Cecchinello has confirmed there has been talks about taking Nicky Hayden to LCR Honda.
Lucio Cecchinello has confirmed there has been talks about taking Nicky Hayden to LCR Honda.

Nicky Hayden’s latest option could be for a ride with the LCR squad as the American looks keen to stay in MotoGP beyond 2013.

In the pre race press conference Hayden said; “The Honda production bike is something I have been discussing,” and it appears the Lucio Cecchinello could be the man to provide the outgoing Factory Ducati man that option.

Indianapolis was supposed to be deciding date for teams to decide if they want to take up the option of using the Honda production racer. However thus far, only one of this production racers has been sold to Gresini.

Lucio Cecchinello had earlier ruled out the option of having a second rider earlier in the season, but could HRC support Cecchinello in fielding a second rider, and have a similar set up to Gresini with one prototype and one satelitte in each squad?

HRC are believed to have spoken to Cecchinello, and asked the former rider if he wanted to field a second rider. Cecchinello wouldn’t be adverse to the idea, and there had been some mention of Honda USA and HRC coming together to get the popular American back with Honda and remaining in MotoGP.

Speaking at Indianapolis Cecchinello did admit that Hayden on a production motorcycle may be a viable option for him in 2014. ““That is still a dream for me. Let’s say there is maybe some small possibility. We are still talking with HRC and HRC is talking with Honda here in America. We will try to see if there is some way to find the budget to organise a second bike here in this team.”

With LCR already being a Honda team, the deadline should be extended for a decision to be made, however a decision would have to be made prior to Silverstone for Hayden and LCR.

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