Stoner: “We had a lack of respect”

Casey Stoner thinks his honesty was one of the reasons the fans didn't take to him.
Casey Stoner thinks his honesty was one of the reasons the fans didn’t take to him.

As Casey Stoner announced he will be driving in V8 supercars in 2013 he also gave a little more into his decision to quit MotoGP.

The 27 year old insists that inspite of his broken ankle last season, his decision has nothing to do with injuries.

 Speaking to the Telegraph Stoner said “We got spat at [by fans], they tried to knock us off scooters going from the motor homes to the pits.””We had a lack of respect from a lot of people around the sport and I didn’t like the direction it was taking.Unfortunately they didn’t like my honesty in the paddock.

“That was part of it, but more it was the direction of the sport.”

He also critized the fans when they moaned about the sport becoming boring.

“We lost a rider a couple of years ago (Marco Simoncelli) and with in a month it was like it never happened. They want to see biff and barge and they don’t realise our lives are on the line.

“We became puppets in that world and it had nothing to do with racing.”

Whilst he hasn’t defiantly ruled out a return, he has claimed the sport will need to change significantly to even tempt him.

“I had no intentions of going back to the sport.

“But if I see the sport changing dramatically, to the point that it is interesting, there is every chance.

“But the way I see it going, there is no chance.”

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