New Circuit to be built in Malaysia

The Motorsport City has been labelled the  "Nurburgring of Iskandar Malaysia"
The Motorsport City has been labelled the “Nurburgring of Iskandar Malaysia”

Singapore billionaire Peter Lim has revealed audacious plans to build a second international racing circuit in Malaysia in the Johor’s Iskandar region of Malaysia.

The McClaren share holder has revealed plans to have the “Motorsport City” complex built in Southern Malaysia by 2016 at the latest.

The 270 acre, $1.4 billion project will be built by one of the border crossing between Malaysia and Singapore. To comply with FIA regulations the circuit should be between 4 to 4.5km, it could also hold GT, go-kart and motorcycle races. It may also include 1.5 km straight, but it would also be a place “that will cater for the rich Singaporeans who have no place to drive their Lamborghinis and Ferraris,” said Lim.

This news comes fresh off Lin Jarvis’ idea of a second race in Malaysia until a second circuit in the ever expanding South East Asia opens for Grand Prix racing.

The idea being floated was two races in Sepang due to a lack of second circuit in any of the surrounding countries, but this may be exactly what Dorna were looking at.

As well as a top of the range new circuit “Motorsport City” would also include, a  museum, an advanced driving school, workshops, a warehouse and a go-kart factory, and entertainment outlets.

Legendary circuit designers Hermann Tilke and Clive Bowen have both been linked to design the project.

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