2013 Pedrosa’s last chance?

Nakamoto cites Brno as a turning point in Pedrosa's career.
Nakamoto cites Brno as a turning point in Pedrosa’s career.

HRC vice president Shuhei Nakamoto believes that 2013 may be Dani Pedrosa’s final chance to become MotoGP World Champion.

Pedrosa took seven wins last season, more than in any other rider in MotoGP, and even more than eventual champion Jorge Lorenzo, but it was still not enough for him to take his maiden crown.

Whilst Nakamoto heaped praise on his rider for claiming the seven wins, he does fear for the Spaniard.

Speaking to speedweek, Nakamoto said “I think that he may never be world champion if he does not win the title next year.”

A 125cc world champion, and double 250cc champion, Pedrosa came into the premier class in 2006 with a high reputation, and seemingly destined for huge things. Whilst the Spaniard has been relatively successful there is still an heir of unfulfilled potential.

“Dani was known for winning two races a season, but last year he was able to win four times, and this season he even reached seven wins.”

Nakamoto also saw the victory in Brno as a turning point for his rider. “He had a memorable fight against Jorge and crossed the line first. I do not think he has shown this side of his racing since his time in the 125 cc class. ”

Whilst Nakamoto still speaks highly of his rider, and believes he can win the 2013 MotoGP title, maybe his comments are just as much a compliment to Marquez as they are a challenge to Dani.

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